Phoenix has a dedicated team of student staff and volunteers. As you might expect from a community college, our staff comes from all walks of life. Our program richly benefits from the diversity of experience they bring. The staff is comprised of aspiring writers, artists, designers and more.

If you want to find out more about joining the Phoenix staff, drop us a line

2015 staff members:

Literary Editors
Tim Roduner, Cory Blystone, Teryl Brown, Lily Hart

Poetry Editor
Joshua Bennier

Phlog Editor
Anna Leady

Fine Art Editor
Jennifer Avens

Layout Editor
Stephen Goodstein

Art Director/Cover Design
Gabriella Moussan

Photographer/Photo Editor
Matt Murray

Joshua Harvey, Filip Popa

Design and Production Team
Debbie Helman, Belinda Luce, Taylor Jones, Paul Peralta

Concepts and Promotions Team
Elizabeth Alexander, Jennifer Avens, Amanda Mosley, James Murphy, Filip Popa, Renee Soasey, Cassandra Thompson, Julius Westwick

Managing Editor
Cory Blystone

Prof. Elizabeth Donley and Prof. Kathrena Halsinger