Phoenix has a dedicated team of student staff and volunteers. As you might expect from a community college, our staff comes from all walks of life. Our program richly benefits from the diversity of experience they bring. The staff is comprised of aspiring writers, artists, designers and more.

If you want to find out more about joining the Phoenix staff, drop us a line

2017 staff members:

Literary Editors
Ginger Clarke, David Bradley, Viveca Duazo

Poetry Editor
Lauren Duquette

Fiction Editor
Ashlee Nelson

Phlog Editor
Anna Leady

Fine Art Editor
Tricia Davis-Payne

Layout Editor
Colin Smith

Cover Design
London Rilatos

Cover Photos 
Nathan Garcia and Jonathan Patterson

Cover Design Team:
David Bushard, Luis Contreras, Leah Davis, Hannah Hall, Samantha Linstead, Dan Polacek, Chloe Reinicker and Art 270 class

London Rilatos, Jennifer Avens, Jonathan Patterson,

Photography Editor
Jennifer Avens

Photography Assistants
Tricia Davis-Payne, Marina McDonald, Leslie Warren

Samantha Linstead, Leah 

Design and Production Team
Sierra Bombardier, Jasimyne Booth, Luis Contreras, Leah Davis, Jonathan Patterson, Sara Beckman, Leah Davis, Lauren Duquette, Chloe King, Tara Omnes, Leslie Warren

Concepts and Promotions Team
David Bushard, Ginger Clarke, Leah Davis, Viveca Duazo, Nathan Garcia, Sydney Gellerson, Marina McDonald, Jonathan Patterson, Dan Polacek, Louie Ramirez, Chloe Reineker, London Rilatos, Megan Robb, Sierra Stacy

Managing Editor
Megan Robb

Prof. Elizabeth Donley and Prof. Kathrena Halsinger